How We Work

Unfamiliar with the video production process? Here's how we operate.


Creative Session

An in-depth, collaborative project planning meeting.

  • 01

    Digital Asset Collection

    Collecting preexisting media files that may be used in the video.

  • 02

    Script Outlining

    Creating a rough outline that includes the main ideas, goals, characters, etc.

  • 03

    Audience Analysis

    Gathering insights and information on your key buyer personas.

  • 04

    Competitor Research

    Analyzing the competition to uncover unique marketing opportunities.

  • 05

    Company Overview

    Gaining insight on your company's history, team, challenges, and goals.

A script outline for a video project.


Project development and asset preparation.

A call sheet/production schedule for a video shoot.
  • 01


    Write dialogue for all actors in the video.

  • 02


    Create a rough sketch of all scenes, camera angles, etc.

  • 03

    Asset Prep

    Gather props, costumes, etc. needed for production.

  • 04


    Hold auditions to find actors to cast in the video.

  • 05

    Production Scheduling

    Create a schedule for all cast and crew members.


Creation and assembly of all audio and video assets.

  • 01


    Non-scripted interviews with staff, customers, etc.

  • 02

    Scripted Segments

    Scripted segments performed by hired actors.

  • 03

    B-Roll Footage

    Additional footage used to compliment the primary video footage.

  • 04

    Drone Footage

    Additional aerial footage used to compliment the primary video footage.

  • 05


    Recorded audio used to narrate segments of the video.

A man holding a clapboard.


Editing assets into a final video product.

A video project in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • 01


    Putting clips together in an easy-to-understand format.

  • 02

    Color Grading

    Improving the color and appearance of all video clips.

  • 03

    Visual Effects

    Adding transitions, title cards, and text animations.

  • 04

    Motion Graphics

    Creating 2D animations from graphic design elements.

  • 05

    Sound Design

    Balancing dialogue/music tracks and adding sound effects.

Asset Creation

Creation of additional supporting media files.

  • 01


    Custom graphic/photos to display as a preview images of the final videos.

  • 02

    Titles & Descriptions

    SEO-optimized text built to boost search rankings and attract viewers.

  • 03


    An SEO-optimized keyword list tailored to individual social platforms.

  • 04

    Video Stills

    A selection of high-quality images exported from the video.

  • 05

    Caption Files

    Multiple plain-text files that contain subtitle/closed caption information.

A person working at a computer.


Delivery and review of all final deliverables.

  • 01

    File Organization

    Storing all media assets in a simple and organized file folder structure.

  • 02

    Project Review

    Evaluating the overall effectiveness and success of the video project.

  • 03

    Distribution Options

    Outlining a variety of marketing opportunities to maximize your ROI.

  • 04

    Discussion of Next Project

    Scheduling a Creative Session for any additional video projects.

A collection of file folders.

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