18 North Central

Prepare For Battle

An instructional video created for 18 N Central that details the rules of their laser tag game - iCombat.

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Video Project Outline

We created this instructional video for 18 North Central, an entertainment facility in O'Fallon, MO. This video covers the rules and guidelines of their laser tag game: iCombat.

What we've done

1. Hired three actors: Ben Speed as the lead role, and supporting roles from Jake Holstein and Riley Holstein.

2. Created the 'Sergeant Hartman' character based on the character of the same name in 1987's Full Metal Jacket.

3. Wrote a script that incorporated the rules of the game, but also included humorous dialogue from the 'Sergeant Hartman' character.

4. B-Roll footage filmed of the two supporting characters playing the game.

Backstage with VideoPunk

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Our Favorite Shots

Selected video stills exported from the final video.

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