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Behind the Build: The Zollners Share Their Story

A customer testimonial video for a St. Louis decking company.

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Video Project Outline

Solid Ground, renowned as one of the top deck builders in St. Louis, has always been driven by their motto, "You Dream It, We Build It!" With a reputation for crafting backyard oases and luxurious outdoor kitchens, they've transformed countless homes into personal retreats.

When the Solid Ground team hired us to document the journey of Steve and Stephanie Zollner by producing a customer testimonial video, our team was eager to capture the essence of what Solid Ground represents.

What we've done

Our collaboration began with a deep dive into understanding the Zollners' vision and Solid Ground's mission. We aimed to:

  • Highlight the Craftsmanship: Showcase the meticulous design and construction processes that Solid Ground employs - from using top-tier materials like DuraLife and Trex, to the intricate details that make each project unique.
  • Emphasize the Experience: Convey the ambiance and comfort that Solid Ground's decks and outdoor spaces bring to homeowners in St. Louis and St. Charles.
  • Showcase the Impact: Illustrate how Solid Ground's creations not only enhance the aesthetics of a home, but also elevate the quality of life for its residents.

The final one-minute video serves as a testament to Solid Ground's commitment to quality, innovation, and the transformative power of well-designed outdoor spaces.

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