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Narwhal Video Series

A scripted video series created for an electronics manufacturing company.

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Video Project Outline

The Narwhal Water Quality Analyzer is a device created by Custom Sensors and Technology that automates many time-consuming lab-based tests for an array of water quality applications. Over the course of three (3) videos, we created a series that educates potential buyers of the Narwhal's features and benefits, as well as how to operate and maintain it.

When we discussed the project with Custom Sensors, we noted that the marketing videos produced within their industry are typically dull and boring, and greatly lack in creativity.

We saw this as an opportunity to frame the videos in a fun and entertaining way, helping Custom Sensors stand out from their competition in a huge way.

What we've done

  • Hired three actors: Sean Phillips as 'Kent', Braxton Angle as 'Hank', and Forrest Luchs as 'Ike'.
  • Wrote three video scripts that detailed how to operate and maintain the Narwhal, while also exploring the dynamic between the characters 'Kent' and 'Hank'.
  • Filmed B-Roll footage of 'Kent' using the Narwhal.
  • Created detailed character personas for the characters.

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